Schedule D from excel??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bungrider, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm using tradepair to generate my capital gains number from IB. Tradepair uses Excel, and pairs all the transactions together nicely.

    Can I send the IRS an excel printout with all of the transactions? or do they have to be entered onto the IRS schedule D / D-1 forms? If they do in fact have to be put onto the IRS D and D-1 forms, is there anyway to import the transactions onto schedule D directly from excel?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Ebo


    Hi Bung:

    My accountant types on The Schedule D Please see attached.
    He then labels the Excel doc with Social Security number and numbers the pages. He does this this for a bunch of traders and is very comfortable doing this. It is possible to export to an actual Schedule D through Gainskeeper but I can not be bothered.
    As long as all the info is on the Excel Sheets you are good to go.
    I do not know if you worry about Wash Sales or not.
    See what GreenDayTraderTaxman says, I am sure it is ok.

  3. Bung,

    Send it in if you like. Try to make the columns the same as the sch"D" and it should be no problem.

    I've sent Excel sheets in with returns before with no problem. Just note on Sch "D" to see attached spreadsheet for where the numbers were generated.....


  4. prox


    There's some freeware called Tradekeeper (i think) that you can download. It can import from IB and produce schedule d forms with calculated wash sales if necessary.
  5. word...thanks for the help guys.

    now if i can just figure out why tradepair doesn't like the format of my IB text files...(I'm getting that run time error '6' -- overflow) keeps giving me 30,000 rows of \\ when i import from a text file...and cutting and pasting doesn't seem to work either...

    anyone know the text format that tradepair likes??

    thanks in advance,
  6. fer-get it. i'm all set. for some reason, it didn't like the older text files that i'd downloaded a week or so ago. i went back to the IB web page and re-saved the statements as fresh text files, and it worked...

    thanks again for all the help,
  7. I put on the Schedule D the bottom line figures from my Excel worksheet, as if it was one big security transaction. In the description field I put (see attachment X). The printout I use from Excel has the same column headings and same order as Schedule D.