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  1. OK I see this f^cker more and more every day, and nobody I see these days plays games like this sheister...even the simple shit, like moving a size bid up while selling short behind a reserve. I've seen them using BRUT and BTRD the most. Also, for some reason, SBSH usually tends to be around at the same times.

    I'd like to have a thread sharing stories on these clowns...can you say manipulation??? :D
  2. Steve72


    Can you say "Dude you're living in the past"? These "Clowns" are some of the best traders in the world assuming you are looking at stocks that trade volume.

    What you have an inside source at BRASS and Bloomberg that have verified its Schwab and Smith pumping volume thru these ECNs whenever their MMID's are on the contra side?

    He moves a size bid up to the inside and he potentially gets hit for the whole damn thing in one order with SS. If he is truly a size seller as you infer, don't think his manager would be too thrilled with that scenario. Those days are gone my friend cuz those tricks just don't work no more.
  3. If you say so...