Schatz v/s Bund

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  1. imranmir1


    Hi, what might be the difference between trading Euro-Schatz futures and Bund futures? Do these travel in opposite directions, I mean, can we have a scenario that we go long on Schatz and short on bund at the same time? Please advice. Thanks.
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    On the back of your question I seriously advise you to do some homework before you start trading these. Whilst trading is trading, your question implies you have no knowledge of bonds and yield curves so I would suggest you do some research!
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    Wood: that is exactly why I am here. Isn't this the right place to start? I always come here to get some advice, where to find the answers etc. And mind you, I have just started trading in bund...and making a small profit as well...with just 1 contract.

    How can you say I have no knowledge. I am quite conversant about bond, bund, futures but have no idea about Schatz, and thats why my question to any experienced guy out there. I am a recent MBA working as a Financial Consultant. Yield curves etc. were just a small part of my studies, so dont try to scare me with these jargons, buddy!

    If you can't help, then I suggest you do not post such comments.
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    Firstly, I'm not your 'buddy'! Maybe you should have rephrased your question then - it comes across as if you don't know what the shatz is.

    Ultimately they are all bonds and whilst you get the normal situation where the travel in the same direction, just differing in yield, obviously there are those times when they do move in opposite directions depending on how the curve is moving - but then again, as you say, you know all this.

    To be honest, given your level of knowledge, you should just check the eurex website, look at the contract specs and then you will be easily be able to understand what the difference is and start cleaning up.

    Glad to hear you're making money on your 1 lot bund trades. In these markets, you don't need to be doing more than 1 lots.
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