Scew the children, Save the McMansions

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  2. 35-50 million per year wouldn't pay for health care for children in one state, let alone the country. Five trillion per year is the price tag for nationalized health care for children, do the math based upon real dollars. You pay for it, I won't. I have to pay for my own family's insurance on top of taxes, with after-tax dollars, so let Hussein send me a bill for the needy children. I am a responsible parent of my own kids, not anyone else's. I will fly that bill to DC and burn it in front of the White House, then moon the place and have a beer before flying home.

    I agree, however, that both the Fed and Treasury are in cohoots regarding this multi-trillion dollar injection of money nobody even has to spend. Oh, right, we can leave the debt to the kids, we'll be dead anyways, right? What pathetic parents our leaders are.
  3. My sentiments exactly. :)
  4. Our generation does not have the right to consume the future of our kids and grandkids by leaving them our debts....
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    Overnight they want billions to save McMansions, but can't provide 35-50 million for children deprived of health care. Holy crap, how do you even have the audacity to present yourself in public.

    Right out of the left's playbook, bunch of shallow crap. Not that I favor bailouts, but the implication is always that 'choice B' hurts the kids. Fallacy of the excluded middle, or false choice in the logical manual. Besides a lot of kids live in those Mcmansions.

    Too late Gnome, with all this shit and the unfunded liabilities of social welfare programs out of control, now and future generations now bag holders.
  6. Are you talking about Iraq . . . Or all of the "pork" and "entitlements" that this Country has been handing out over the years?

    Take a good look at that $300 billion dollar "Farm Bill" that got re-labeled the "Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008". - - - $52 Billion in farm subsidies so we can be MORE like socialist Europe.

    Take your pick.
  7. You guys lost me regarding unisured.

    Who pays for the minority in the hood when she has a baby or the gang banger who gets shot? Are you talking about handing them an insurance card so they are not denied service?

    Kids must be immutized and have physicals to attend school, kids meet these requirements compliments of someone else because parents don't pay for it.

    Who are you talking about that doens't have health insurance? People with jobs? The gov't is going to tax that benefit soon. I think single moms with jobs and no health insurance get medical trreatment under various programs for free.
  8. Personally, I say "yes". Bush lied to get us into Iraq, stayed too long, spent too much money... all at the taxpayer's expense.... which will carry through to future generations, seeing as how we never pay off our debts...

    If I were running the country, we'd be much more isolationist and I'd be much more conservative with the public purse.
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    If your driving a beamer and your kids are uninsured, explain it to them that your priorities are kinda screwed up. Bloomberg or Giuliani was my pick for president. I like to take swings on both sides of the fence, just to keep the playing field fair.

    I respect integrity and honesty from the red bloods in LA to the blue bloods in McMansion towns.
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