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  1. Let's say you have consensual sex with a female after drinking for most of the night. The next day, she calls you and tells you that she doesn't feel good about what happened and that she wants money. She then says that if she doesn't get $1,000 from you within one week, she'll go to the police and claim rape.

    What do you do?
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    aphie, you're asking for advice? j/k
  3. You go to the cops, explain the situation, and they arrange for you to pay her and prosecute her for blackmail.
  4. A pre-emptive visit to the cops would be a good idea, except you're likely to run into a dumb lazy chief Wiggum donut eater type.

    Instead, just secretly record your conversations with the bitch.
    At radio shack, you can buy a phone attatchment that hooks up to any phone, and records every conversation.
  5. Let's assume she is very smart and she knows you'll try to get evidence on her, so she says she's not going to discuss it with you and that the final ultimatum is the money or a confession from her to the police that you raped her.

    There is no way you can get any evidence -- it is merely your word against hers. How would the courts handle a situation of alledged rape when it is her word against yours? Don't they usually lean towards siding with the woman?
  6. If you go to the cops, then you can get a legal wiretap or wear a wire in conversation.

    Taping conversations without permission is illegal and inadmissible in court, without a court order.

    When you show up with the 1000 dollars, if you are acting with the police, if she takes the 1000 dollars, she has to explain why you are giving her the money, and why she is taking it.

    If she was raped, and did not report it immediately, her case of rape becomes very shaky, especially is she is seen to be receiving money from you for no reason....and you went to the cops ahead of time to explain the situation.
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    I kill her
  8. Still, aphee, if you make a habit of getting yourself into these situations, I would buy the "tape your phone conversations kit". That way, at least you get all future ultimatums on tape. It sounds like you could just give mini the $1000 and get rid of the problem:-D
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