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  1. Temujin


    Mar 05 2011

    Dear all,

    Non farm payrolls are pretty solid and suggests a self sustaining USA recovery.

    Stock indices:
    - USA was up then dow, not a bull sign and suggest we may hv seen the top of the S&P and/or US index
    - European indices mainly flat or down and suggests that we may see more downside risk as Trichet and BOE hints of rate hikes

    FX :
    - I like EUR against all the crosses. EURCHF, EURJPY and EURAUD but EURUSD I will take some profits neat 1/4080 level
    - USDSGD is on downtrend and is a sell on rally as the SIN govt combats inflation and can tolerate a stronger SGD
    - NZD may be seeing the start of a prolonged donwtrend

    - China & HK stocks may decouple and edge higher. watch out West Cement 2233 HK now HK 2.96 and I see HK 3.50 +. watch also ICBC Bank and CCB.

    - I am long and hv limit orders to sell at 838 and I see
    - trade off USD 95 : cannot trade from short side

    Good luck to all,
    if u would like to allocate some funds to be managed - as
    1) private investor
    2) one of your managers of your Hedge Fund

    Pls send me details to and I will provide my tel details to you in SIN.

    God bless, Temujin...;:)
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Dear all,

    Pls see below - if u have been following the reviews below, you should be a happy man for the past week 21-25 Feb 2011.

    For this week, until the non farm payrolls coming Fri, I am trading range for reversion to mean strategy for both FX and indices. Unless of course something unexpected takes place in ME and Libya.....?

    Good luck and God bless - Temujin >>""))

    Dear all,

    Hope u made some money from my insights last week.

    FX - EURUSD is a buy on dips cos technically it has broken upside and has momentum. If u hv been watching EURCHF, EURAUD and EURGBP - it will add to your conviction.

    Suggest from here on buy dips and sell rally for EURUSD and EURCHF - each time re-establish EURUSD and EURCHF at lower levels

    Indices - I am selling UK and DAX on rally but in a scaled manner - slowly from UK 6090 and up and Dax 7420 and up.