Scary Stuff -Your web behavior is monitored

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by adadadog, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. and the obtained information is sold to have web advertisement targeted at you.

    I just noticed on right side of cnbc home page showing muscle building, creatine, ipod, and air heater pilot assembly commercials. Those are the items I did web google search recently. Apparently, the information was obtained and sold to cnbc or other entities. :mad:
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    You have no idea how the web works.
  3. I posted a filthy, sexist, misogynist joke and all the ads were for domestic violence lawyers, battered women shelters and "seek help now".
  4. lol :)

    I am really sorry that you discover this now...

    If you want directly to cut to the end of the climb check the Iron Mountain report... it's their blueprint...
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    I thought you'd have been redirected to Elite Trader...:D

    To have better privacy:
  6. You just learn how to use the web? "tracking cookies", "targeted advertising" etc.???

    This discovery is on par with discovering you have a navel...
  7. I guess that is why I get those porn popups :)
  8. :D