Scary Optimism

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Yahoo! Finance Poll

    Do you think the recent global market plunge signals a deeper correction to come?
    Yes 50%
    No 51%
    35170 Votes to date

    If we were at a major bottom I would expect something like 80%/20% sentiment.
  2. gnome


    So long as the "money pump spigot" is open, there will be no recession nor big decline. Sad to say, but nothing else really matters much.

    When the Powers start to reign-in liquidity and credit, that's the time to watch out!
  3. So they asked 101% of traders. Hmm...
  4. On a canadian website the poll was more like 30% 'a new bear market' and 70% 'temporary correction'.

    And who trusts internet polls anyway?
  5. Yahoo! Finance Poll (Mar-8-2007)
    What asset class looks most attractive to you today?
    Stocks 54%
    Bonds 9%
    Commodities 10%
    Cash 29%
    6125 Votes to date

    54% in stocks! my guess is that we will need at least a 10% market drop to create some healthy pessimism.