Scary Futures - DAX? HSI?

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  1. I heard DAX moves very quick.
    But normally how fast and how large can it move?

    Is it even scarier than HSI?

    HSI is worth HKD50 (~USD6.5) per 1 point. It may move by 1XX-2XX points (once 3XX) in a matter of less than 1 minute.

    The cost is ~USD1282 for 200 points.

    So far, I couldn't find any instrument which can beat this monster.
  2. Natty gas buddy. Move 10K in a matter of second

    I heard emmission futures dropped 50 percent in less than 3 days.
  3. But are they very non-famous guys?
    If they are too thin, strange things may happen.

    What do you feel about DAX?
    I don't know much about it. How fast and how large can it move (normally)?
  4. DAX moves step to step with the stoxx50. Just because they have bigger specification, so a move could result in a couple of thousand dollars. But no liquidity. Borsollino once said it, u'll be insane to do trade more than 10 lots (cant quite remember the exact number, is around there, maybe 20).

    I am from HK, so i've been at those brokerage that trades HSI since i was 16. I have to admit, lots of suckers in HK, but again, i think HSI has no liquidity. IMO, u'll be insane to trade more than 5 lots. The only time to have huge move is when the MM blow through stops of an even number (eg 16500, 17000). Lots of newbies put stops there. I've seen 40 pts move in 2 min

    Natty gas has been volatile since the introduction of the contract. IMO, Nat gas is the most volatile futures in the world. I am thinking of trading the miNYs, but i am not sure i can take the heat
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    You can easily trade DAX with 5 contracts a clip. That is 62.5 EUR per tick. 15-20 ticks moves happen all the time that is 937.5-1250 per move. First 2 hours can get you few of these. But if you hesitate even for a moment to cut a loosing trade, it will wipe out daily gains.

  6. Hmm... From what you describe, it isn't that volate, in terms of tick. HSI moves 1XX-2XX ticks in a matter of less than 1 minute. Rather it is the price of each tick which makes it scary.
  7. Funny things do happen with HSI :)
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  8. Here is another beauty.
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  9. Yes, DAX is thin. stoxx50 is much better.

    Although there are hidden liquidity, HIs is generally thin. The spread can be somewhere between 1 to 3-5 ticks.

    How large is natural gas market?
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    It depends on what you are looking for. DAX has decent volatility for what I am doing. Russell has even bigger one. My ultimate goal is to trade ES, it has volatility that I need (obviously less then DAX and Russell) and its liquidity if phenomenal.

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