Scanz vs Trade-Ideas

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  1. Has anyone compared them and come to a conclusion about which is better? My understanding is that the edge of Scanz is live news, and the edge of Trade-Ideas is simulation/backtesting. But keen to hear other perspectives about which to choose.
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    Scanz (EquityFeed) is a lot more flexible in programming your own filter rules and more conventional functionality available
  3. Do you think their news service is good? Have you compared it to something like the dow Jones service or other competitors
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    Hi, how did your research go?
    I have just signed up for the Scanz 7 day free trial.

    Ive done 1 day with it so far. It seems OK, but I'm tired of keep setting up the columns everytime I do a new scan.
    Might need some more practice.

    I spent 4 days looking at technical indicators for breakout stocks. Logged them in excel (all manual labour). Took the 4 most consistent indicators.
    Plugged these into Scanz. Within 1hour,i had 4 stocks. Threw 500 USD on each with a tight SL. 2 fails, 1 still in play, 1 cashed out at 120%.

    Did you test Trade-ideas?
  5. I'm using Trade-Ideas Standard. It works well and does the job as far as alerts and watch lists go. I don't use it for news at all. I don't know if it's better or worse than Scanz. If you do go the T-I route, you should be able to get it heavily discounted off the advertised price. They very often run promos and if they're not you can probably just ask them for the heavy discount.

    I recommend *against* Trade-Ideas Premium. Their simulator is not great in terms of features and capabilities, and it has a subtle bug when stop losses and profit targets are too small, which artificially boosts the PnL. Basically any strategy will make money if the stop loss and profit targets are sufficiently small which will mislead you (it tricked me and a trader I know and we wasted hours chasing fake strategies).
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    do you mean the columns for the pro scanner results?
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