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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Swish, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Swish


    I want to set up a fairly simple scan to populate a watchlist or scanlist based on the following:

    1. Min volume
    2. Min price
    3. Max price
    4. Crossover (up or down) of 200sma on a 5m chart

    I currently use Cyber as my broker and this scan is not possible.

    Any suggestions on a software package that will do this?


    I'm currently working towards getting setup on Tradestation, but I want to wait until the 7.0 comes out in March.
  2. Someone asked a similar question the other day and I mentioned ERlanger ( Good formula language - costs about 200.00/month between the feed, the software lease and exchange fees. However, too many complex formulas across a large batch of symbols can really slow things down - I don't think the programmers spent a lot of time optimizing the execution of the formula language.

    I can't wait for TS7 - it's feature list fixes so many shortcomings from TS6. Crossing my fingers, hoping it's gonna be stable.

    Hope this help.

  3. WarEagle

    WarEagle Moderator

    I just bought Amibroker and it was exactly what I needed for scanning. I am using the EOD version ($99), but there is a realtime version for $199 (one time charge, no monthly fee). I'm pretty sure it can do everything that you are wanting to do. Email the developer from the website (, he was very responsive to all of my questions.
  4. trader99


    SoCal Trader,

    Pretty nice setup. How fast is the scan given its all web-based? No other fees besides the $45/month. Is there a free trial offer? And how many symbols can you scan over? 5000? If it only scans over 100 symbols then it might not be enough.

    Just wondering...

  5. Thank you for the compliment. All the scans are completely in real-time, as soon as our analysis servers detect an event, it is immediately streamed to the end user, without any delay. We are linked with various execution platforms so that you can take advantage of the event as it happens. We scan the whole universe of stocks so there are no symbol limits. We have an internal $ volume filter that is updated everyday and adds and subtracts certain stocks from our universe based on activity. The net net is we are looking at over 99% of all dollar volume on the exchanges on any day. The free trial is 7 days and is automatic through pay pal. We believe that we can be the best in this niche and encourage you to give it a test drive. Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.

  6. Neovest is the best thing I've found for real-time screening. It isn't cheap but I have yet to find a substitute that can screen the types of set-ups Neovest can.