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  1. Tech, that could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Also, I have a programmer working on a trade analyser, but I see they have one of those too.
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  2. angelo


    AT Financial has a great scanner; but it's linked to their platform. It costs $75 a month but throws of a ton of information including momentum (bars up & down) other technical indicators (Bollinger Bands etc) and the usual alert fare.

    Computer generated voice reads the alert to you so you don't have to look at it. If you subscribe to AT Attitude quotes at the lowest level $75/mo. you have a nice quote system and alerts package.
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  4. check out I haven't used it (I don't use scans for trading) but I know a couple of people who like it.
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  5. I used's ok, but too limited.

    Never used stormchaser, met the owner, seems like a stand up guy.
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