Scanning software- how do I find Bottom fisher?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by neo_hr, Oct 20, 2001.

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    Dear Traders!

    I use Ensign for my EOD analisys and have just discovered ESPL.
    I was just wondering what does it do and is it possible to use it for scanning the stocks that you have in your database? I mean, I have finally come to my senses and have decided to use one AND ONLY ONE setup (

    But there's a problem, how do I find stocks exhibiting that specific pattern? This is what I am looking for (same goes for shorts only reverse):

    -3 consecutive down closes (big vol)
    -followed by an up day
    -stoch and BBs oversold (signalling short term bottom) - bouncing of lower BB

    If you know of such a scan and if ensign can do it , wonderful, please let me know, or if you know how could I write it in ESPL. Yes, I know that RT offers that or eSignal or TradeStation but they're kinda out of my league :( and the stocks that appear in are either the thinnest issues , I could move myself or NYSE >60$ so I cant afford 100 lots.

    Thank you so much and good trading next week.


    P.S. Based on that principle I chose MU, RCL, AEOS, CCU, AOL, CMX



    I subscribe to the following site for ~$19/mo. It's the Sharp Charts EOD scanner. You can program your own scans with many technical criteria and could easily program the Bottom Fisher or Skyscraper scans. It also looks at all traded stocks rather than just a selected basket as many do. This is a strong point that I really like. If I had to pick a basket to look at, I would have missed many very good setups in the past. The downside is that you do not have a real-time option and cannot back-test performance.

    There's also a non-subscription scanner at this site, but you'll quickly outgrow the canned scans.

    Good Luck and Big Profits
  3. If you are entering your positions intraday, I would go directly to Tony Oz for his real-time scanner.

    If you are entering your positions solely at the open, I suggest that you get a powerful end of day program like Metastock ( so that you can add many bells and whistle strategies to your core strategy.