Scanning Software for Unusually High Intraday Volume

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    I am looking for software that scans for unusually high volume on a real-time basis. What I am looking for specifically is something that:

    1) will identify stocks that at a given time on a given day have volume that is greater than or equal to some multiple of their average volume by that time of day over the past "x" days and, preferably, will display what that multiple is, and/or

    2) will identify stocks that during a given period on a given day (where the period begins at some point other than the open) have volume that is greater than or equal to some multiple of their average volume during that time of day over the past "x" days and, preferably, will display what that multiple is.

    I'm somewhat more interested in 1) than 2), but both capabilities would be nice. I would also prefer that the capabilities I'm looking for be pre-built into the software, but software into which these capabilities can be programmed would also be of interest.

    Many thanks in advance for any help on this that anyone can offer, and feel free to respond to me directly at if you prefer.



  2. Cyclops has a feature that will sort any stock making highs or lows with a volume parameter. For example, only showing new highs or lows with stocks that trade atleast 125% (whatever you put as the qualifier) above their average volume.

    Having a qualifer like volume is extremely helpful in finding stocks on highs and lows with follow through.

    If you are looking for volume spikes, trade-ideas and some other more high end products like FA can find those intraday occurances as well and allow you to tweak them out a bit.
  3. Does this volume parameter on cyclops show volume based on 125% above average compared to what it normally trades for the day or up to that time period of the day. So say 30 minutes into the day that stock is trading 125% of what it normally trades at 30 minutes into the day.

    cwb1014, I have a friend who uses the Oz scan on realtick to scan for stocks that are near highs or lows that are doing volume above normal for that X time of the day.
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    i use realtick's hottrend...
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    Get QCollector and subscribe to

    This will give you realtime 5 min bars with volume ...

    Learn to code Visual basic...

    Build your own scanner...

    Thats what I have done...

    500 Symbols updated 5 mins realtime..

    I can scan, watch anything I dream up.

    This would be you best investment and the cost is only your time, but knowledge gained may give you the edge to win consistently

    Good Luck
  6. it is based on that time period for the day so you know what the stock is on pace for. It works off of the previous 3 day's data. If you set it at 125 % it is really good at picking up where the money is actually rotating for that day. A lot of times for example you will know which sectors are likely to outpeform really early in the day by following the volume in the first half hour of trading.
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    Where do you get qcollector?
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  9. Cliff,

    We are going to be adding your suggestion of putting what % above the average volume in the message of the alert. Keep an eye out.

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    Thanks for your reply here. How long does it take a reasonably intelligent person to learn to code Visual basic to the point that they could create their own scans? Also, if I knew Visual basic, would I be able to create scans and alerts using streaming real-time data? If not, what would I have to learn to do that and how long do you figure that would take?

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