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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by privador81, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. HI im new to trading.

    I need program that search stocks which prize has increadably changed during last few minutes or so
    For example todays UAUA.I noticed this stock when it was halted already.

    Could anyone help me?
  2. Any charting software with programming features, like Tradestation, Metastock or Amibroker or any stock scanning software operating real-time. like TeleChart for example, can do that easily.

  3. There are a few free ones, but you mentioned 'during the last few minutes' so I'm guessing you need real time?

    If not, MSN's downloadable deluxe screener is alright, but it's not real time.
  5. That's not so bad if you don't need real time.
  6. rosy2


    i use java's esper library. stream the data through a query that looks for stddev of a 30 second window > average.

    PM me for details