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    What indicators or methods are useful when developing a scan to identify stocks that are in a trend? The strategy I'm trying to implement is a simple reversal approach. And although it is easy enough to look at a daily chart and see if a stock is in a trend, I'm interested in opinions on how to use a scan to identify them. I'm using TC2000. Are moving averages the best way to go? I've read about "stacked" MA's. What else is useful.

  2. ADX and ADXR
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    MA price crossover should do the job.
  4. I've been wanting to do this but since I use Tradestation, it is near impossible to do large numbers of stocks as TS does not do portfolio tests.

    I've looked at Wealth Lab and it seems that it will work. I will get a trial run of WS sometime soon and give it a try.

    My first guess at what might work is to count MA crosses over N bars and assume those with the fewest crosses trend best. I will test those stocks that have a MA cross count <-1 STD DEV below the average with a trend following system.

    Let me know if you have any other ideas.

    Doug S
  5. We have software that specializes in this sort of thing in real-time.
    If you like check out

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