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  1. Hi, are there any tools/sites I can use to scan through a whole bunch of charts real fast? Like display or whiz through lots of charts, I want to manually scan them for patterns.
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  4. flipcharts feature in
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    Manually tc2000 lets you scan through charts by pressing the space key.
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  6. how do I use the flipcharts feature?
  7. I'm mostly looking for some where I can whip up like 50 charts on a page and go through several pages
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    Finviz and Stockfetcher can do something like that.

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    If tc2000 lets you hit space to go through charts very quickly then probably does as well.

    EDIT: There is a free version of tc2000 that you have to download.
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  10. make an account, screen whatever you want and click on the flipcharts (top right corner) and scroll through all of the charts.
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