Scanning for stocks on trendlines - is it possible?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cunparis, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. I spend a lot of my time scanning stocks manually to see which are bouncing off trendlines.. I'm wondering if it'd be possible to use a scan for this. I know the drawing of trendlines is a bit subjective, but if a human can do it I think a computer can too.

    So does it exist? Is it possible?
  2. Quote tracker is cheap, and allows you to draw your own trendlines, and set alerts when price crosses above or below them.

    This allows you to set multiple alerts without having to have 20 charts on your screen.
  3. I use quotetracker, but I want to scan for stocks from the entire stock universe.
  4. da-net


    i have used this site on and off for years until i quit trading stocks...he has a free trial
  5. i think this guy wants something that scans stocks that are bouncing off the 50 dma-20dma ect...scans for just "trendlines" would be much too subjective. a trendline for one may not be for another. whereas the 50dma is the 50dma,no if ands or buts.
    you could set alerts for for your own set of stocks. for example. a stock has resistance at 50,you set up an alert for when it breaks above 50.
  6. Here are stocks bouncing off of the 200, 50, and 20