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    I have a specific example of something I would like to screen for using some technical screening software. Its real basic stuff. I would like to screen for stocks that are trading above two or more moving averages on three different time frames, lets say daily, weekly and monthly. Does anybody know of software out there I can purchase that is capable of doing this without any programming experience?
    Thanks alot.
  2. CSI's Market Scanner (included with Unfair Advantage) allows you to scan all of the equity markets at once. One adds columns for moving averages of any time period you wish. From there you can sort and filter as you see fit.
  3. StockVision would be perfect for indicator-based scans like that, but it currently has scans only on the daily chart and many intraday time frames. I guess it's better for shorter-term traders, but it would be cool if they add in the weekly and monthly sometime.
  4. The screener at FinViz can do alot of what you are looking for at least. I think it is mostly based on daily numbers, but you could at least start with this.

    Here is the link:

    It can show stocks at different points above (or below)
    20 Day MA
    50 Day MA
    200 Day MA

    And then you can also combine it with other TA items and more parameters.