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    I'm looking for real time software capable of allowing me to design my own market filters. Filters I'm interested in are, bid and ask size. Largest bidders in one filter, largest offers in another filter. New highs in time periods such as 2,5,10,30 minutes and day highs. cross and locked filters. I would also like to be able to specialize these filers with parameters such as, exchange, volume, price,ect.. Thanks
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    TradeIdeas is nice. Your filters reside on their server and they sling results to you. I like the TradeIdeas Pro standalone version but they also have a web-based version.

  3. check out TopGun Software...really intense...really great filters
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    Thumbs up on Trade-Ideas from a new user. I am very impressed with their capabilities and support.
  5. I've been using Tradestation's Radar Screen

    Pro: very customizable
  6. sorry about that, I hit send before listing the cons:

    They are: limits on the total number of symbols you can screen for at one time and learning curve on their proprietary code (Easy Language) also costly if you are not a brokerage customer.

    because of the symbol limitation, I'm looking for alternatives BUT I need to customize the filters, it appears like there is a bunch of canned technical indicator garbage in trade ideas - any other ideas?
  7. Just a suggestion but you can customize any of these
  8. I've been looking at Trade-Ideas myself. What is the latency w.r.t. Insight, or any of the Whisper resellers?
  9. From what I see on my machine TI Pro hits udates at least once every second, not sure about others.
  10. Great question.....the heavy hitters use Whisper at many times the price....wonder why?
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