scanning and back-testing software with pre-built strategies

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hkay, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. hkay


    I am trying to select a software with good scanning and back-testing capabilities. I am particularly looking for the ones which has lots of pre-built stratgies.

    The idea is to have a list of stocks every day for swing-trading.

    I went through the daytradingstocks site where a number of softwares are listed and also ET site. There are numerous out there and probably impossible for me to select one. That is why I am looking to the experience of some of the members to help me out.

    I am specially looking for pre-built strategies as i have to start somewhere. Ideally, i am looking for a software with a monthly lease option.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi hkay,

    What do you mean by "strategies"? Tricks to make money with? Why would somebody be so foolish to supply you with this kind of "built-in" strategy for a few bucks? Ever thought about this?

    Be good,

  3. traderob


    You probably mean something like omnitrader or metastock. I have both and found them too limited.
    Finally I bought weathlab - which allows me to program my own strategies. It just depends what you want.
    p.s. if you buy metastock I have all the plus$200 plugins, pm me for a good deal:)
  4. hkay


    What gave me the idea was a visit to and looking at their daytrading and swing trading scans. I am not advertising for them at all.

    As i wrote, i needed a starting point.
  5. hkay


    Thanks for the replies.

    Nononsense...i just wanted to get something to start with and build on it. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

    I am not a programmer, so i would be looking for something less complicated than wealth-lab or ensign but with above average functionality.

    Thanks in advance
  6. iriekity


    I have suggested to people on this board to try the service I use.
    It is at There are tons of prebuilt scans and options and no need for any programming.

    It looks like they just added a free high low ticker that anyone can just try. I don't use the free stuff buy you may want to give that a first glance since it is free.

    They don't have a complete back testing environment but they do have a history link that allows you to go back and see how the signals performed agains the market.

    Good luck
  7. klev

    klev is your answer. they have tons of prebuilt strategies that you can backtest as far back as the data exists. been a happy user for a few years now, former metastock user.