scanning 60-min. and 30-min. charts

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  1. Here's hoping I've identified the correct forum.

    I would like to scan hourly and 1/2-hourly charts for a price pattern intraday in real time. Do you know of any brokerages that offer this functionality as part of their platforms? Or do I have to subscribe to a service such as Stealthalerts, Linnsoft, Stockfinder etc.?

    TIA - with best regards.
  2. i know tradestation allows this. most of the other big brokerages allow for this too. if you don't have access to this you're going to have to pay for the scanning - no one will provide real time intraday scanning for free AFAIK.
  3. is thinkorswim not real time?
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    NinjaTrader can do this with its Market Analyzer.
  5. FrankSlaughtery, Nutinsider, and Mr_You, thank you for the speedy replies. I'm currently using Scottrade, which streams charts in a number of intraday intervals, but doesn't allow me to screen them for a customized pattern. I will look into thinkorswimm and ninjatrader asap.

    FrankSlaughtery: it doesn't surprise me that tradestation offers that functionality. My needs are very simple, though, and (several years ago) I found that the tradestation learning curve was a bit steep. Sad but true. :)

    Thanks again for the leads and good luck.
  6. check out
  7. Thank you Bazooka Joe,

    I will give autochartist it a close look. There's a free trial, so that's good. My first impression is that it's more about chart patterns, and I haven't had very good luck with that approach -- FASCINATING!! though it may be. I'm more into very simple price action. Where did the session (or price bar) open, where did it close, did it take out yesterday's low, along those lines, you know? Easy to quantify. If you ever run across anything like that in a public forum, you'd be doing me a favor by pointing me in that direction.

    Good luck!
  8. Nutinsider - TOS (now TDA) is real time.

    re the last post - you can write a code to scan for anything - esp something as simple as "price is below previous day close". some software programs are caveman simple ( how IIRC it's not real time but it's perfect for EOD use. i learned to code using that in less than a day.
  9. For EOD I use profitspi which is also easy to use and about the same price as stockfetcher.

    As you pointed out, it looks like I'll have to pay for the realtime intraday scanning and then factor that in as a fixed cost. Such is life.

    I still have to follow up on the leads provided here and see what feels comfortable. Once I find an appealing GUI I will either bite the bullet or stick with EOD for the present.

    IB's scaled down WebTrader platform apparently includes market scanners. That would give me everything under the same roof, so to speak. Another avenue to investigate.

    Best regards, and thanks!