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  1. ProphetScan ( is a real-time scanner with scrolling stock charts for viewing scan results. Are there other scanners and watchlists out there with scrolling mini charts?
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    Not found any yet.. I like the prophet scans.. very good especially as you can search in so many ways and as you say see the results as many small charts, which for me is way the best manner to review them...

    what I do not like is that it is web based.. would much prefer a software based scanner... but with the mini charts as in prophet.. maybe one will turn up in the end..

  3. When you get 100 scan results the only way to view the charts quickly is with scrolling stock charts. Scanner and watchlist develpoers, and those that offer charting packages need to recognise this and put in the scrolling mini charts. "The one that got away" is too often an occurance when trading stocks, because traders need faster ways of finding favourite intraday chart patterns.
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    Where can I find a Screener program that incorporates
    MACD,RIS,Stochastics,Volume, Rate of Change etc.

    Where I can request a search for stocks that:
    close between $15 and $40 and have a Stochastics above 70 and a Rate of Change above 30 etc.
    which then will yield a list of symbols with additional data
    as closing price, volume etc.

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    I have been reccomending a scanner that I use to Elite members. It is at One of the best features of this scanner is its ability to link to virtually any charting or trading platform. This feature really increased the number of names I feel comfortable trading as I can see the scan results on charts instantly. Here is where you can see all the options they link to.

    Good luck.
  6. that does not cost too much per month , that is easy to use

    and can search for specific chart patterns on an intraday
    daily and weekly basis?

    i.e. cup and handle , wedges , saucers , channels etc
  8. not sure if it meets my needs but thanks for the info
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    Thanks for that link.. seems excellent! Some very powerful scans can easily be set up using plain english....I have added it to my low cost stable of useful stuff.. never found one program that fulfills all my needs but am getting gradually more pleased with a combo of things...

    this is relevant to swing traders.. not an intraday tool
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