Scanners, <$100

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by just21, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. just21


    What are your thoughts on Esignal turbo scanner and scanners. Any good, any other choices?
  2. I use cyclops, it did about everything I needed except for one thing, which was give me a way to monitor the ideas that flowed through it throughout the day as well as some other I might have come up with the night before.

    After trying to find another program to do the other thing I gave up and asked them if they knew anything that would work. They didn't so they are now building what I requested as an add on to what they currently have. It should be a really powerful tool combining the two things together.


    The stuff that they are working on I described in a thread last week if your interested.

    Hope that info helps.

    Neovest is probably the most robust scanner but its pricey, for under 100, Cyclops is best I have found. Not a bandwidth hog either.
  3. looked at the cyclops ( LOL ). initial impression--very simplistic and outdated. these guys may offer more of what you seek a very unique scanner with numerous posibilities including an algorythm from an MIT study on TA--- it rocks !