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  1. OK - I've been reading through the various threads on this, and sifting through them to get an answer is way too much effort.

    What I would like is a scanner that will scan EVERYTHING (i.e. not limited by symbols that already have to be typed into a quotesheet) using 20 min delayed data or better. It is fine if the scans require me to say "scan all NASDAQ stocks" or "scan S&P 500"

    I think Stockwatch comes very close, but I also want to be able to input fields related to options - for example, call/put premium values, call volume, and the like...any stockwatch users know if you can input options values as well?

    I will also need to be able to input things like "trading at bottom 10% of 3 month range" and ADX values.

    From what I've gathered from the threads I've read through, is capable of doing this - anyone out there care to comment?


  2. lescor


    TC2000 can scan everything for any parameters you want, but you need to do a download to refresh the data during the day (still 20 minute delayed). No options info though.

  3. Anyone have any comments on TC2000 versus Stockwatch Pro?