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    I am looking for a scanner that can identify price action, specifically Lower high or higher low along with higher high and lower low.

    any ideas?

    Stocks and futures would be great

    thanks much
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    thanks much!

    I don't see higher low or lower high there?

    I looked only on the free site..
  4. I think the Triangle bottom and Triangle top work for you. Check out 50 videos on youtube. You might want to try or will do custom work for you. Ps start with

  5. With Mad scan you can write this

    get a mad scan and PM me and i send you the formula
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    thanks again!

    Triangles (bottom or top) wont work for me because typically signals are too late to come. I'd rather get ready earlier if possible

    I tried the free mad scan and it's doesnt have it

    may be this requires custom program and I'll have to figure it out

    stealth alert seems like a good product but their website is pretty useless to get info
  7. they offer a free trial

    Charles Rada
    Stealth Alerts
    257 Park Avenue South, 5th Floor
    New York, NY 10010
    P: (646) 360-5474
    F: (212) 635-3512
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    I use can handle any complex rule you want to write. I've dealt with Charles for a few months now, guy knows his stuff