Scandal After Scandal, Lie Upon Lie … What’s Going On?

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    Kali Yuga.The Age of degradation.People will never be happyhere,in any aspects of life,ever!That`s the Law.Take it as a constant.
  3. Take Charlie Rangle. cheats on taxes, uses a rent subsidized apt for campaign headquarters, get censured by Congress (to name a few).

    He gets endorsed by Bloomberg (i respect Bloomberg opinion) gets endorsed by Cuomo ( altar boy) and endorsed by "drain the swamp" Pelosi (fuvkin figures)

    And he wins re election.

    Clearly this makes sense to somebody.

    I am one dumb mofo. I don't get it.


    Joe Bruno, convicted felon, (former) Senate majority leader in albany. Has a bronze bust at the albany airport.

    Joe paterno, bronze statue, a tribute to omission on what he didn't do.

    I'm sure there are plenty of monuments to "zeros" in other states.

    Just call me stoopid. I don't want to know why, I don't care why, just keep me away from the insanity.
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    Deregulation has brought us the age of the psychopath, the intraspecies predator. Read up on them, their behavior won't shock you after you understand them. I have several in my environs currently end every one of them is cutting a wide swath through the humanity around them.
  5. I think its not so much deregulation as it is deregulation with the fear of allowing deregulation to work. And an age of irresponsibility.

    An example is if kosher pickles is the biggest pickle company and one day it is discovered that kosher pickles is adding agents to the pickle juice to cause addiction to kosher only pickles. The public goes nuts and stops buying kosher pickles so instead of the operators taking responsibility and selling a good product from the beginning.. they sell addictive pickles then are found out .. the company isnt worried, get a public loan from the people who refuse to buy their pickles forcefully , through a government agency, says oh no i cant believe it we are outraged.. change the ceo etc... remarket as kosher "the family pickle" change the addictive agent and carry on. While people forget what they did because rebranding and marketing occurs so fast now and peoples attention spans are so short and spread out.. that they forget carry on and nothing is fixed only rehashed at the publics expense.
  6. =========
    ...trend meg;
    Dont forget , by his own definition he is a rascist or a liar, or both;
    since he called ''low taxes a codeword for racism'':D [His cheating on taxes were on the lowside, which he calls codeword for racism

    Its not to suprising;
    many[or enough to vote him in, anyway]place a high value on Rep Rangel extending unemploymet benefits.

    We had a much better nation when the 10 commandments were posted everywhere.:cool:
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    I am heading for the hills right now, these are DANGEROUS PEOPLE.
    Oh my god.
  8. Rangel, Pelosi, et. al. are above the law. You really think the SEC and FBI will go after their masters?

    Yeah, that will happen the same day the IRS goes after Geithner like they would a small businessman.

    In the meantime, the rest of the country gets regulated to death with crap like Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.
  9. satan rules the energy of this world and has for a long time...
  10. It has nothing to do with "deregulation"...
    It's all about changes American social culture since the 60s...
    Mirrored in TV shows and movies and commercials...
    Where "work ethic" has been replaced by an "exploitation ethic".
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