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    Does anyone know about a free/cheap possibility for doing a simple stock scan - I have used SortWizard with Realtick but I now trade stocks very seldom - I have made a stock list of the top 40 volume leaders of the S&P 500 and NASDAQ back then (average volume of 20 or 40 days) - and I just wanted to update my watch list - but I haven't found any source on the internet - and a professional scanner like SortWizard is extremely good but too expensive for just doing such a basic scan ...

    Any help is greatly appreciated,
  2. TC2000 is reasonably priced, something like 30 a month. And Ameritrade's scanner is nice too, about the same price i think.
  3. There are several but I like Multex best.

    I frequently run screens so I did one for stocks having 1000000+ shares/day average volume and the results are in this .xls file:
  4. OOps-the attached file is really here I hope,

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    Thanks - that's really a great community!

    Thank you so much - that link and file are really of great help!
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    You could fill in one line of criteria to do your scan:

    Avg. Daily Vol. Last Month, High As Possible, No Value

    You can change the number of returned stocks to be 40 and that would give you the 40 highest volume stocks. This is a free scanner and I have found it to be powerful (for example, you can put simple formulas in the criteria).

    Hope this helps.
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    Sorry, I was actually referring to:

    It is a lot more powerful than the first link I sent.