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    These scam emails are getting funnier every day. Here is one I received today.

    Home Address
    No: 24A Idrisa Road

    Dearest in the Lord

    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am former Mrs Medina Ahmed now Rebecca Goha, a new
    Christian convert of 45 years old after receiving the sacrament of
    baptism from a Christian denomination.

    For quite a good number of years now, i have been suffering from cancer of the breast and fibroid of the womb and from all indications ,my condition is deteriorating by day that i wont live more than six months from now as predicted by my doctors.

    My husband who is now late was killed during the US raid against terrorism in Afghanistan.Throughout the period of my
    marriage with my husband,all efforts to bear children proved abortive because of my poor state of health.My husband was a very wealthy and influential man throughout his life.After his death, i inherited all his businesses and wealth.

    Since it is now obvious that i may not survive my poor state of health, i have deemed it necessary to leave a legacy on Earth and give a positive account and justification of the life i lived on Earth before the Lord.This i want to achieve by committing part of this wealth to the development of church and the upbringing of the less privileged.I am willing to donate a sum of $ 9,000,000.00 for the church and less privileged in your country.

    Please, note that this sum was securely deposited in a security company overseas in my name by my husband . I have highlighted my solicitor on the said sum and all the possible assistance he would render to you on the documents covering the money so as to enable you receive it as i cannot follow it up because of my ill health.Presently, he is in Iraq monitoring the restoration of peace and democracy there.

    Lastly, i honestly pray that this money when remitted to you is judiciously used for the said purpose and you will take 10% of it for doing this corporal work of mercy.This is because i have come to realise that wealth acquisition without Christ is vanity upon vanity.

    Please, get back to me immediately for further elaborations.

    May the almighty Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the true fellowship of the holy spirit be with you and your family.

    I await your response.

    Yours in Christ.
    Mrs Rebecca Goha
  2. I think you should response.