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  1. I think thats the site. Anyways, the median site by tim gives out a lot of free information that can be helpful with analysis. Unfortunately, I dont want to give out to much info to jeopardize my returns. I definately recommend doing some screen time with PRACTICAL elliot wave analysis. That is essential to making it in the futures IMO. Read some of the books by Robert Miner, you will be successful if you apply his techniques and use discipline, hands down. Its all about the accumulation of edges to use as synergy...
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    Get a book “Mastering the Trade” by John Carter. It is a great book to learn about futures and it is very recent so is completely relevant.

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    With your platforms and technology, can you buy at the bid and sell at the ask? Is that possible. Can individuals become market makers?
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    Does anyone on this post care about DOW hits 12000??
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  5. Yes, you can be a market maker with Xtrader Pro, but I use ninja. I definately need a superior connection only if I am trading 5-7 trades a day. Lets see you scale in 100 ER2 with a 6 tick stop on an IB platform and not be worried....
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    100 cars on ER2 with 6 ticks SL, you are a brave individual. What is a typical slipage you get on such size?

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  7. Typically 2-3 units of 15-25 cts each depending on setup. I scale in on different ticks. So usually a couple ticks on entry and exit all said and done.
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