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    Very nice trades ...

    What do you use to time your entry and exit...Looks like you are a tape reader.... Also, Do you take one at a time or do hold more then one positions at once...?
    I have been looking at NYSE stocks lately. They look so much easier but looks can be deceiving so I stick with the devil I already know... NASD and Futures... May try when I finish moving ...Should have my computers and desk set up by mid next week at the new place....Cant wait to really start trading again.

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    Sounds like he looked like Jabba-the-Hut! LOL!
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    Okwon, I'm trading 100 shares per stock.

    NKNY, I don't have a time frame. I'm using the tape to tell me when to get in. I only have a small chart in the corner of my screen to tell me whether the stock is in an uptrend, downtrend, or chop. I can handle about 4 positions at a time and I'm working on more.

    I'm new at this but through lots of hard work and a little luck, I've developed a winning strategy. I like the tape because it helps me to think in terms of supply and demand. Charts don't do this for me.
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    Start doing 500-1000 shares. You might start making some serious money or you might find out that when you size up, the game changes just a bit.

    AZO is a good stock. He really moves.
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    Hehe, lets just say he fit the specialist stereotype. He was wearing a damn nice suit though.
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  6. "But when prints are going off left and right and you just happen to want to get out for whatever reason and your order is being held and being printed out at the low/high and then the stock goes right back in the opposite direction, then smth is fishy. Usually thats the choppy charts you see on many of these stocks. I've pointed out the example with LLY, and that happens almost everytime with many specialists."

    i have software that alerts me to these out of range trades. when i check them out most of the time they are not even nyse prints.
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    200 to cover my short, and 200 to go long. OUCH. I don't blame the specialist though, he just took advantage of my stupidity.
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  8. keep me posted on this thread
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    Hi Hoodoo
    I guess you don't know you can subscribe to a thread just clicking on the left corner at the end of the page.
    I send you a PM to let you know , but i guess you don't know how to read PM as well :)
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    Yeah well I held 1000 shares of FSH 50 cents the wrong way, my fault. Then held 1000 the wrong way again another 15 cents. Then made a little back. Then went long 2000 and did not get out 10 cents up. Kept holding it the wrong way, finally went sell market 10 cents down and got out at 70 cents. I was surprised cause all he had at 70 in the book and on time and sales was 100 shares. He could have easily spread down another 20 cents since it is a very low volume stock and there was NOTHING in the book.
    Good guy, even though I lost 1000 dollars on him by 11:30.
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