Scalping With Transact AT

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by hanzahar, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    i am about to open an account with tfutures

    just want to know is transact reliable?

    it is said that one can trade the market without chart just by looking at the DOM is it possible? :confused:

    how much $ do you suggest on the first deposit?

    i'm planning to trade the 6E and YM

    i'm still not familiar with slippage,static/dynamic DOM as i was with CFD

    and decide to move to real markets as it is cheaper

  2. I'm going to assume your a noob to futures, if not I appologize. Transact from what I understand is very good, however you should know that there is a 400 $ a month minimum transaction volume, so I would use something like x_trader free with velocity.

    You definately want a static dome, a dynamic one will move with the price and it can be very very annoying when your placing orders in an active market because you will be fighting with the ladder to place and order.

    you can start with 5000, but you would need to adjust ur stops, a 500 dollar loss is 10% of that acount, and only 5% of a 10000 account.

  3. thanks,yes i'm a noob migrating from fake markets (CFD) to real markets...

    5k will do?

    i'll be join an introducing broker i only need 30 R/T to cover the AT software cost :)