Scalping vs. Techinals

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  1. I am just getting into trading. I am with assent and am currently going through the learning process. From what I have learned so far there are basically (2) types of traders, the scalpers and the techinal traders. I hear now that the NYSE is hybrid it somehow screws the scalpers where this strategy is not really too profitable.

    Because of this, is it even worth it to learn how to scalp, and to learn to be a techinal trader? Also, at my place there aren't too many techinal traders. How is the outcomes of a techinal trader different that the outcomes of a scalper? Who has more risk? Who has more potential reward?

  2. this is either a false dichotomy, or poor semantics

    both scalpers and "technical" traders use technicals ie price and.or its derivatives

    i am not sure what the point of this distinction in

    scalpers pay more attention to the tape (order flow) vs. the charts, but BOTH are technical
  3. Hmmm. What are they basing their trades on?

  4. ya know never mind. I'm not really sure I know what I'm talking about
  5. Many NYSE tape readers also pay attention to the charts. These traders don't trade off the charts however. I'm beginning to wonder with the hybrid system will it create traders who make the all or the majority of their trading decisions from technicals(charts) alone? I guess it is too early to say but I would love to hear some input on this as well.

    Anyone trading the NYSE and strictly entering trades based on charts alone? I find myself using charts more than I have in the past. I find I have to risk more but can catch bigger moves then I did in the past. Trading off charts is bigger risk for bigger reward in my experience.
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    tell us more about the "techinals" lol
  7. i also saw some evidence that some scalpers at prop firms, which are 'time&sales traders', got screwed since nyse's hybrid got installed.

    i believe a trader should find a method based on more 'immortal' concepts, let it be understanding crowd psychology (T/A) or fundamental economics, whatever.

    if you devise a method based on minor technological inefficiencies, such as the ones that nyse scalpers utilized, you're bound to run into trouble with any slight change at the exchange or with the regulations.