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    I have made a living in the past daytrading stocks, high volume scalping. Making 20 here 100 here and so on until the end of the day made some good profits. I had switched to option trading on commodities for the past few years. I am wanting to get back into scalping but its been a few years. I dont want stocks. I like the ym to start becuase of the low slippage and wont get killed on a reversal, like an er2. I have pretty good commissions trading at velocity basicallt 2.50 all in a round turn which amounts to half a tick in the ym. Pretty much need to avg a tick all day long to make money. Obviously that includes breaking even losing a few ticks and making a few tics but an average of 1 all day long makes money. I have beentrading in just 5 lots and doing pretty well. Any traders on here doing this pretty sucessfully. I want to step it up here soon. I know back in the old days I scalped well and made the m,ost money off news of my bloomberg terminal which i will get here soon for eco news but I gotta think scalpin with these cost will be a bit easier than stocks.
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    It will only be a matter of a few hours for The CajunFiddlerCrab @PURETICK to finish his Easter Ham and solve all of your YM trading problems.

    I give it til 6 PM ET!


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    i have seen that room, but I am not about there type of trading. I want to scalp. not wait for just a few setups with a million indicators, which I am sure works for people but not in my personality
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    Good man!

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    surdo do you scalp the ym or any e mini for that matter?
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    Can someone tell me what dom stands for and what it is?

    You must have been out of touch for awhile, bro.

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    out fo touch on the futures scalpin side, traded with hold brothers a while back fr a bunch of years. never went to eminis until now. for the past few years it has been options on the ag and softs markets on the commodity side. So yes out of touch for scalping and the new platforms that came about.
  8. Have you actually been in the room? Alex does 2-10 ticks all day long on YM. To me that is scalping. If you are talking about trading the spread I wish you luck. Youll need it.

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    yeah i was in the room and nothing against them i think they are actually pretty good, but it is not my personality. they dont try to scalp as much as I would like. And no I dont plan on being a spread trader, I did that alson on the equity side when there was rebate trading, not a big fan.

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    nice, how is the crude? I plan to trade the 30 year once I get bloomberg just for the eco news.
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