Scalping the EUR/USD

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Trend Fader, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Saham


    B1010: Probably get a book or two on the subject, then open a demo account or two at a couple fx brokers, then try to get margin calls.

    At least that is what they told me to do when I first started.


    Though now I am questioning if perhaps that was not the best advice.

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  2. Welcome back troll. Why another username?

    There should he a complete ban on your isp.

    But anyway, your statement is of utter ignorance. Can you even read?

    The whole world uses interbank to trade currencies, not oanda.
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  3. At least having a Catastrophic one! :D
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  4. jrs3


    Stocks are overpriced, commodities are stretched like a rubber band. The Fed will start a rate increase cycle very soon. Everyone says the dollar is going lower hummmm. I think I will start building a long position in the dollar. USD/CHF tracks the dollar index very well, I think I will start down here near itsllows.
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  5. Saham


    "Welcome back troll." Thank you! :D

    "Why another username?" Let me get back to you that.

    "There should he a complete ban on your isp." Yes, there should. :D

    "But anyway, your statement is of utter ignorance." Really?? Which one? :confused:

    "Can you even read?" Sometimes. Other times I just look at the pics :p

    "The whole world uses interbank to trade currencies, not oanda."
    [Makes note of it] Mike sez, the "whole" world uses interbank NOT oanda... Got it! :D Erm... does this mean that people who are not "whole" use OANDA?

    Hey, since you like my writings here is a link to posts where I teach how to trade fx!

    Just scroll through there until you come across my posts.

    Take care,

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  6. Saham


    jrs3: thanks for the chart! :D

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  7. Websters defines whole as meaning "entire"...

    So, instead of doing the mature thing and admitting you were wrong and that you know nothing about forex, you try to point out a grammatical error.

    ...And you failed at that. You continue to make an ass out of yourself.
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  8. Sam,

    I followed your link and checked your posts. I found a lot of posts but none that seemed to teach anyone how to trade forex. Its unlikely but it is possible that I missed the critical post.

    I am assuming that the "you will win if you don't use stops" post was not the one you were intending.

    Would you be kind enough to provide a direct link?

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  9. Saham


    kiwi_trader: Pls repost that post here and I will tell you.

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  10. EUR/USD just shot from 1988 to 2028 back to 1982 and now is currently at 2006...... going to have a lot of pissed off people getting blown out of stops tomorrow!

    #60     Apr 6, 2004