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    Are there still traders doing this? Many have failed ... those that survive possess what skills? extreme discipline? superior intelligence? adequate understanding of the game? proper tools for transparency?

    What markets did former ES hero's gravitate towards? Where else can you clip 100+ and not even be noticed? and still have the opportunities as the ES once provided?
  2. ES is still very good imo but there is also the 30 year bond.....take a look.
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    I agree ES is still good. But in the middle of the day, there is very little 2-sided volume. Makes it tougher than it used to be to get those quick 2-3 tick scalps.

    I'll have to explore other markets during lunch.
  4. ES is great if you are trading large size. If not, I personally think it's one of the more difficult markets to be trading on a few contracts. Oil or Nat Gas can give you some bang for your buck if looking for stuff that will move.
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    I'm looking for products I can trade with size (100+ cars at a clip), without being noticed. Something that gives enough movement to make a decent # of ticks daily ...

    I agree oil/gas are great, but I like playing a tighter game, with larger size... ES just seems a bit too tight lately.

    thanks for the replys guys
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    Hello BF,

    I would be interested to know your reasoning behind this post.
  7. CL and DAX are my favorite.....excellent daily price/volume action but of course they are of lower liquidity.
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    Superior Discipline not Superior Intelligence and also a system/method that totally fits their personality.
  9. isn't each tick worth ~$30 bucks if my memory serves me right?
  10. South Korean Kospi futures are liquid and they move, too.

    And then there is always Bonds ( T-Bond, T-Note and German Bund futures) and Forex.
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