Scalping the ER2 with one indicator

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Lorenzo, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Lorenzo


    First of all:

    Use Constant Price Range Bars
    1 Adaptive MA....

    Optional indicators:

    - Linear Regression End Channel
    - Macd
    - Pivot Points

    here's the Friday Chart (Sierra Chart)
  2. Shift your adaptive M/A back two bars and you are DONE!!! You will become the richest man on Earth! :D

    BTW, good looking looks like you are trading on a pool or poker table there (green felt). :)
  3. Lorenzo


    Not the holy grail, but you'll make very good trades in this way, if you scalp 10/15 ticks per trade
  4. Yes I agree......some powerful mechanical methods can be built around simplicity!

    Looks good.....great job! :)
  5. Lorenzo


    Few hours back
  6. Lorenzo


  7. Post a chart showing your exact buy and sell points. Is is easy to be fooled by charts with bars after the fact.
  8. Yes. The chart always look good after the fact. You have to remember that each one of those turning points could have gone differently which you discover when you try to trade off inidcators live. Not saying it cant be done, we are working on a similiar vein in the Simple Profitable System thread but it is much harder than it looks on yesterdays charts.
  9. Lorenzo


    after the fact...? not searching the holy grail here

    My exact point is: How many scalpers/daytraders use Price Range Bars?

    You will not have the same results using this (all) Adaptive Ma with.... minute bars/ Volume bars/Tick bars etc....

    Only showing how some indicators are working well with those bars...nothing more

    You can try
  10. Lorenzo


    for example:

    Use the Least Square Moving Average (..well...I used another Ma), with 0.4 price range Bars and see yourself

    another chart:
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