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    hi guys, new here. which is the best brokerage to trade with. i heard that ameritrade,etrade, scottrade r shitty because they buy/short against u. or so i heard. i posted a similar post earlier but did not get enough responses to mak up my mind. Any suggestions-- assent, IB, genesis.

    also, if you can scalp with a brokerage, swing should be easier.

    swing trading is possible with ameritrade/etrade but not scalping because u get stopped out.

    scottrade elite anyone?

    will open an account with roughly 30-35K.
  2. T.A.P


    I use Interactive Brokers to day trade futures. Happy with them.
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    also, is it true that certain stocks r not shortable at certain times. if this is true, it would really suck.

    i saw on one post where this guy said that a certain stock was heading down quite fast and he wasnt able to short it. is this true?
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    Sorry I cant answer that. My experience with them is limited to futures... but yes that would suck big time.
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    was with scottrade, then upped it to scottrade Elite, closed that out, now with MB. Scottrade elite was great but commissions were just too much for me. MB saving me quite alot since the switch.
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    MB stands for? what exaclty do you trade? and do u scalp or swing. scottrade elite commision is like what 7.99 or something.have u been able to short stocks whenever u want.

    and the biggest question- is there any slippage with IB or MB. do u always get the price u intended for, or couple of cents up/down?
  7. MB stands for Manhattan Beach.

  8. :D

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    man some people really r retarded. if you dont know the answer then dont reply. if you do, go ahead
  10. MB might be saving you money, but I'm always hearing from traders here on ET that their platform is down, for hours during peak market hrs time and time again. Is that true?

    And as far as IB goes, I also hear that their customer service is down right terrible.



    I use the ELITE Demo and like it very much, but use the normal scottrade streamer for my platform. Also, check out terraNova and Cobra trading

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