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    I´m new in this forum and i would like to discuss with you my strategy which is an scalping one, and i manage a fund with it, i have 2 years in forex, and already manage a big fund, please tell me what do you think about my strategy and if it´s good for managing a big fund, kind regards and thanks in advance,


    Smoothed mva 15
    Smoothed mva 5
    macd 5.34.5

    I use 5min chart and 10min chart to look for direction, entry signal is in 5min, just after the cross of mva, the high of the first candle whose body closes above the 15mva plus 1 pip, and entry is when this order is filled. It depends from the direction of the 10min chart has, by using also the mva´s cross to show direction.

    Macd helps me to see the strength of the entry, i only take entries that goes with the trend of the 10min chart, this is a similar strategy to enthans cross. The trend direction helps me avoid some false entries, which in a small chart are a lot.
    My risk reward is 1.:1.5, using a variable stoploss, of between 15 to 30 pips.

    Please if someone could try it and give me your opinions, any opinion would be very appreciatted, thanks. bye.:) :)
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    I dont know how to react :confused:
    I guess if you're managing big fund, you're profitable, so who cares about the system? and what others think? Way to go, mate.
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    If you are already managing a "big fund" with it, how can you not know whether your own strategy works or not?
  4. Big fun(d)?:D
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    Is this form that "refco we want scalpers" 50/50 sharing program you're talking about, cos obviously there is something wrong here. If you manage a fund...who let you manage fund if you yourself dont know if your strategy is good enough for managing fund?
    Maybe if you explain more what fund you ment and what you mean by "big", and more...maybe we understand what you mean here...
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    This might sound funny or ilogical for you guys, but please do not make fun of a real situation, it´s true a novice trader, managing a fund who needs help of other traders, not laughs, i perfectly understand your point, it´s not normal that a novice trader manages a fund, in your countries, in which forex is very well known and very experienced traders working for large firms or even in the stockexchange house, not my case, and if instead of laughing could help me, i´d appreciatte it a lot, thanks.
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    Please try to forget about the size of the fund i manage, or even if i manage a fund ( maybe i should not have mentioned it), and if someone could focus or at least read it and give a honest opinion about it, this is only about helping a trader with less experience than many others, the only thing i´m asking for is someone with enough experience to analize it and an honest opinion, laughing does not help me at all, just try to post an opinion about the strategy if someone really wants to, kind regards.
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    If we talk seriously, I would be glad to help you with managing the fund if we are talking forex. But please don't tell me you're expecting returns of 3 figures. If you're serious, we can talk and get to something here. . If fund is REALLY big, I will help you manage the money, and you'll get any help in and sharing of my little experience(though big investor could easily find money manager with experience :confused: )
    This is what I call help. But as for your system, my personal opinion is that even less sophisticated system may work great. It's not all about the system, but its system+experience+money management+risk control+discipline...
    Sorry, but I dont think there is anyone better than you to evaluate your system, as we didnt test it and dont know... Its impossible or estimate your system, cos as I said, any system MAY work on market - it depends how is it used.


    On the other hand, ...I used to inraday once, but never scalped though...but maybe there is someone who tried similar method and has some evaluation/tips for you...

  9. blanca


    Yes that´s exactly what i wanted to know, i like my system and i know it works fine, i have a risk control, discipline, i try to study hard and i think i´´ve found a good way, the size of the fund right now is 4million dlls, divided in 4 accounts, and i receive commissions in one of this accounts, and in the other 3 i will receive a % over the profits, that´s why i need to scalp for commissions but also, make pips if you were so kind to help me manage it i´d be very pleased and honoured to receive the help of an experienced trader, i´m sure we can make an arrangement for your help or even make you part of this management, i just do not want to loose this business because of my lack of experience., thanks a lot and i expect news from you in my private messages bye and thanks again.
  10. blanca, my sense is your strategy would not work on index futures now but would have in the 80's. Perhaps fx is this rudimentary but I'd be surprised. If it is working then good for you, stick with it.
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