Scalping SIRI

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Epsilon, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Epsilon


    Anyone Scalping SIRI these days? It moves pretty well and you can load up insane amounts of shares.

    I personally do a buy morn sell afternoon, but does anyone scalp it?

    (P.S. I also own siri long term - this is not a push for the stock, just a question)
  2. Mecro


    Ur a prop firms dream.
  3. what do you make monthly trading that cheap of a stock? i am curious do you trade if for lack of buying power or do you just like it? i am not trying to be a dick because i see it moved 50 cents.
  4. Epsilon


    I dont primarily trade SIRI - as I mentioned - I currently buy in the morn and sell in the noon, when I think its going up. But I see that there MAY be some opportunity for scalping.
    I like it because its cheap and thick and moves! (you can get in 10k shares @$35,000 no problem). I am still scared to actually scalp it so I buy a few thou in the morning.

    I usually come out with a few hundred a day on SIRI, when I buy it (I never short it). Just asking if anyone else is scalping it.
  5. H2O


    I know some guys here at the office who trade very large in SIRI and make a lot of money.
    This morning there seems to be something going on so I guess there will be some serious hits todays.....
  6. or swing trading SIRI ?

    I am tempted but common sense tells me its

    really a high spec name and to avoid it