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what do u think about this system

  1. EXCELENT my friend

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  2. very good

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  3. good

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  4. bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. hi guys

    i am here again

    i am develop new scalping system

    is in TESTING

    if u want make this on demo

    good luck to all!

  2. description:

    This system NOT DEAL THE NEWS.

    I am prefer swing movements of the market
    because my other system is Swing , i am know what happend in the market
    this system is complentary system of swing

    i am trade on scalp the most weak and most strong currency on majors

    if u see my others post (my trading) i am scalp this currencys in this week

    JPY (more strong currency now)
    CAD (more weak currency now)

  3. hoy simplemente fue un dia de toma de ganancias ya que el movimiento se inicio el viernes y hoy se tomaron un respiro.

    creo que todos los grandes especuladores estan esperando el momento para comprar yenes y vender cad.

    solo hay que estar pendientes a que se produzca el gran movimiento y saltar al tren juntos a los grandes tiburones!

    este sistema de scalping hace exclusivamente TENDENCIA

    es decir solo compro yenes y vendo cad

    espero que este claro cualquier duda preguntes especuladores!

  4. spd


    i have no idea what you are talking about, but I voted bullshit. I would vote again if I could.
  5. look
  6. short eurcad market filled 1.3543
    stoploss 1.3616
  7. ok good trade on the fucking news

    my takeprofit is 1.3470
    maybe can go to 1.3420

  8. out @3511

    i am dont like because cad is not strong money now
    +31.9 dollars
  9. i am end today

    i think this news is not important .
    the market give some pips.
    the market is on countertrending , i am not see nothing interesting

    see tuned
  10. look posible target eurcad (fibo 161,8%)
    #10     Apr 20, 2010