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    Is anybody here scalping NQ??

    I would like to know how many contracts are safe and for how much you're shooting for ( 2 ticks, 4 ticks etc)

    I am just beginning to tip my toes on scalping.

  2. You will get killed unless you have a jiu-jitsu approach. Most moves happen quickly to trigger the universe of indicators, and price retraces to the entry point of the crowd. If you react, you are the crowd. If you think like those who make the NQ market with limit orders, you MIGHT make it. IMO you are better off trying to use classical TA to snag larger moves, going along with how the big boys want to paint the tape.
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    yeah I was thinking on limit orders, not a chance to go market when you scalp. I trade intraday.

    I am allergic to indicators...only S/R here...that's it
  4. Sorry. Misunderstood. I use limit orders for the guaranteed fill. I suspect that the book gets pretty deep at potential classical turning points. Please keep us advised of your adventures! Not many people trade NQ here, or at least will admit to it!
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    I trade ER intraday..I love it

    I was looking at NQ 'cause I see good liquidity and it trends very good. I have a plan for 2 ticks /14 contracts with a tight stop-loss but I am just guessing here. I just wanted to know if anybody has try this before and ho loaded you ca go without risk of slippage.
  6. Short question, hope you don't mind the hijacking.
    Do index futures like NQ have time value like options? I see that the current march contract is at 1757 while the june is at 1778. So if the index is at exactly the same point as it is now 3 months from now ( in june ), will the june contract be worth the 1757 the march is worth now (so that those extra 21 points were time value)? Or will it still be worth the same 1778 it is now?
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    Is anybody here scalping NQ??

    I would like to know how many contracts are safe and for how much you're shooting for ( 2 ticks, 4 ticks etc)

    I am just beginning to tip my toes on scalping.


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    I appreciate your help but I really don't understand your post.

    I am simply looking at risk of slippage and how many contracts do traders play . You're talking about 1-2 full points, I am talking about ticks

    Thanks anyway
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    Sorry error

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    Here's the thing

    seems like you're trying to tell me(or sell me at this point I don't know) something and I don't understand...all I get is correlation which as to me just serve as to give me headache.. I am not looking at "how to scalp" I already have that.

    I am not looking at any contest, etc...all I want to know is about traders scalping NQ and what is a reasonable amount of contracts and profit targets in order to compare their notes to mine. I am not looking to open an account to any broker. I am happy with mine.

    well, thanks anyway

    if anybody can contribute to my question will be really appreciate it

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