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  1. Hi Forex Scalpers,

    This question might be wrong all together but I need your ideas.

    1- Do you have any bad scalping days where you don't see any trends or whatever you do doesn't look as amazing as you like so you get forced to set on the sidelines for long?

    2- And if you do have those days, how many days would you say are good in a year and how days are bad like that for you?

    Some might say trends don't apply to scalping as it's in and out by frequency. That is fine. I can hear that side as well.

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    If you are a true scalper then no trend days can still be very profitable. In fact, some of my best days have been no trend days. Ironically, super duper trendy days have been catastrophic for me in the past because of my countertrend trading habits. I would go with the initial trend. Then when it gets to the extreme I keep thinking it gotta reverse. Bad and wrong thinking. That's when I get run over. Even though it's extreme there's nothing stopping it from getting more extreme!

    But I've adapted since then..
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    Am same, no trend for Indexes are best, find where 20sma going through bars and Buy Lows, Sell Highs.
    Counter trend for me to use after extended move are
    chart patterns, small breaks, H&S
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  4. if you are a scalper you can make money in any mkt and you will find trend in a trendless day for scalping all the time! no way you cant find trend. ultra short term
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    Risk to Reward isn't there without trend, learn to just not bother if there is no trend.
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  6. - How have you adapter to the issue you mentioned?
    - If you don't do trends for scalping, what is your main single measure that gets you to place orders (buy or sell)?
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    I NEVER said I don't do trends for scalping! What I meant is I stopped countertrend trading EXTREME moves! It's gone up a lot doesn't mean I should short. Or it crashes a lot I should automatically long(though there's usually a bounce).

    But if you are a good scalper it doesn't even matter trend or no trend.
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  8. Thanks for the explanation.

    When you say "trend or no trend", what do you mean by "no trend". Can you give an example when you trade on no trend?

  9. Scalping is good but it's not the ultimate way of trading the best way to trade is through the swing trading method, this method is a bit more safe and more reliable compare to scalping, I cannot refer scalping as the ultimate way because I no that swing trading is the best trading style anyone can make use of, scalping is a good trading style though but not the ultimate.
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  10. For Forex swing doesn't pay off enough.
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