Scalping Nasdaq Stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by listedguru, May 6, 2004.

  1. Anyone here successfully scalping 3-5K share positions in liquid nasdaq stocks? As you can tell from my screen name I mainly focus on listed stocks but am starting to think about some nasdaq plays too.... Anyone care to throw out a couple of decent names where one can comfortably trade 3-5K share positions?


  2. im a listed guy too and have branched out into my opinion, NASDAQ is like a crack'll get a little free taste of success until your lungs are torn out and left disemboweled......but see for yourself.....I saw a stock (KLAC) go down 10 DOLLARS in less than a minute after "good news"....I honestly think the scalping game in nasdaq is dead if it ever existed, but I may be wrong....I do think there is big money to be made swing trading. I havent figurd it out yet, but I'm of luck.

  3. Yes I play mostly 85% of my trades are in the NASDAQ. The other 15% is in the ETF's.

    Try these out KLAC is a good stock to play when the market heads up or down. be on the side of the market and you will rewarded.

    Also I trade CSCO, ORCL, MSFT, INTC, and a few others.


    "I saw a stock (KLAC) go down 10 DOLLARS in less than a minute after "good news."

    KLAC falls 10 points in less than a minute???

    Not since 2000.
  5. white


    I trade KLAC everyday and its never gone down 10 dollars in less than a minute.