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  1. Hello everyone. I was just curious what methodology most scalpers use. Im not asking you to spill the trademark secrets, just an idea. Most scalpers that I have seen just use the box (open book or level 2) and try to front run for a nickel or a dime. I understand that of course its not just that simple. The reason I ask is that I think scalping is a much easier way to make money durring a) a choppy market b) on fridays c) durring lunch. Now I realize that this assumption may be incorrect, so please tell me if I am wrong. I speak out of ignorance, not out of experience.

    Just so ya konw, I am currently a pure tape reader daytrading excusively on nyse. By pure tape reader I mean I only look at quotes, prints, and size on the good ol fashion level one. I cant even begin to count how many times durring a choppy session i'll be 15-20 cents in the money and never take it because I'm always looking for more. Eh, maybe I should just realize its a crappy market and that I need to take every 20 cents. So maybe im just a bad trader in the end haha I dunno. I guess I dont see many posts in general about scalping strategies. Id say I can easily spot when a stock will go at least 10 cents, its more an issue of the logistics on how to get in with size and how to get out that I really dont konw. Right now I look for bigger runs with less shares and am looking to switch it the other way around in choppy markets. But once again, theres gotta be alot more to it that just that or else everyone would be banking all the time. Enlighten me =).
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    look @ bund thread - eurex forum

    different asset - same game (as always)