Scalping: Is this consider a qualilty method of trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NJ1000, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. NJ1000


    in this market environment. and how much could good scalpers expect to make a yr.?
  2. Well over 100k.

    But that is my take on the market -
    You need to have good experience, good method and a good system and good commissions.

    (I'm assuming that this is the case).

    Good Luck

  3. blb078


    the good ones will easily make 500k a year, but like AnonymousTrader said you will need a good system, very low commissions and trade a few thousand shares a trade, i know a trader who made a little over 1mil last year and is on pace to do it again this year, but people like him are few and far.

  4. In this market environment? Hmm, probably only lose 50% of capital, compared to the "normal" 80-90%.
  5. How can you guys give numbers with regard to capital, method, timeframe, etc.?

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  6. I'm giving an estimate from my experience and knowledge of the industry.

    I base it on prop traders though - as those are primarily who I deal with.

    That is why I posted that it depends on the method, system (software/execution/technology end).

    It does not have a large bearing on capital, because at a certain number (in my opinion around 200k) is enough for any operation.
  7. blb078


    he had asked about the good scalpers, the good ones obviously have a lot of capital, low commissions and a great method, or they wouldn't be that good.
  8. exactly!
  9. Mvic


    means can you be consistently profitable scalping the answer is a definitive "Yes". If quality means the optimal method of trading I think it has a lot to do with the traders personality, experience, and capitalization. My own point of view is that scalping is a hard way to grind out a living and it takes its toll. It also requires real mental alertness.
  10. Mecro


    Easily 500k? In a month like this?
    Last year is a different story. Try like 3 years ago when few were doing it.

    Even a few months ago it was better than this.


    The best ones in our group make about 10-30k a month consistently. So far, it has been getting worse and worse. Lucky for us, more and more people are using this method and consistently messing up trades. Shorts that barely anyone is in are constantly being bounced by idiots. A stock is not allowed to move more than 10 cents before everyone starts getting out for no reason. In the end, no one makes money.

    If the volume significantly picks up, then everyone will do better. Either that or these idiots messing up trades finally give up. Other than that, it is just experience that will separate the winners from the losers.
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