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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Dirk, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. I sure hope this thread continues as it started. It was interesting to hear about scalping the RTS, and it's always interesting to hear others perception of scalping European and US index futures. Just ignore Ssss completely.
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  2. Agree. No need to feed the troll.

    I live in Russia but never knew about RTS specifics so would discuss it with a big interest.
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  3. Relhby


    RedDuke, thanks a lot for this one. As I can understand one of the most popular trading software is X_Trader by TT. Is there any opportunity to try it with real quotes like Ninja?
    BTW, is this a common thing - when a trading platform(like Ninja) can connect to a variety of feeds(like Zen-Fire)?
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    Are Russian brokers regulated? I know Russia is a country of wild political swings, I heard some Russian brokers abuse margin requirements, so there is that aspect of how safe your deposits are with a Russian brokerage.
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    I hope there's a moderator who can wipe off this flood.
    Or he will bury the thread..
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  6. I never traded russian markets, even though I live here, but I've heard from people who do that stocks leverage here is let's say "negotiable". :p

    And as for RTS SIF it's performance bond is good enough by default. Margin required is like $400 while contract is worth $3K+.
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  7. RedDuke


    Hi Relhby,

    Ninja is not a quoting service it is just a front end for charting and execution. I personally use X-Trader for my trades and Ninja for charting. Unfortunately I can not use zen-fire feed into Ninja for DAX since it does not currently report correct volume (every trade comes through with volume 99). Zen-fire is great for other markets such as es, ym, russell and so on.

    As far as I know there is no way to try X-Trader without opening an account.

    Ninja is really trying to have the best of multiple worlds, that is good charting, trade execution and multiple feeds. So far, so good. And being free until you need live trade execution helps to draw people as well.

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  8. anjum55


    Sure i agree, if you are doing good in Russia Scalping,
    you will replicate your success here as well.

    You should consider Nasdaq 100 Futures NQ and
    YM , For both if these instrument, You can Scalp well
    However you have to consider reducing your commission.

    YM gives you profit Loss of 5$ per Box,
    You should get IDEM membership for $2000
    ( Application Fee ) & then Monthly Lease of your
    seat you will pay 100$ per Month.
    You can Scalp YM, Nice Bounces, & good Treand
    so plenty of opportunity for Scalping.

    NQ gives you profit of 5$ per Box.
    You should get CME membership & apply for
    either individual membership or ECM-W
    Nasdaq is good for Scalping.

    Russell 2000 Used to be good market for Scalpers,
    However it moved to ICE platform,
    Now i think it is hard to trade.

    For any help you can contact me.

    happy Trading & wish you best Scalping.
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  9. ssss


    Sure i agree, if you are doing good in Russia Scalping,
    you will replicate your success here as well.

    To date ,not observed any relevant trading record
    with scalping of es,en,ert ...

    Your respectfully
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  10. Interesting. Any real example of flipper?

    I am trying to find a way to detect a fake order vs. true order...
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