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    Hello! I`m scalper in Russian Futures Exchange and I`m intrerested in scalping in CME. I don`t know very much about features of scalping in America, and I don`t even know, if this strategy work in CME. Here, in Russia, we have very good conditions for scalpers (succesful scalpers make 10,000-20,000$ a month and more). So, surely, I want to try scalping in more liquid markets, and have some questions for CME scalpers (I hope here are scalpers =)). Ask, please, if you can:
    1. How many deals do you make a day? In Russian RTS Index Futures I make 700-800 deals a day on average, can I trade just as aggresively in CME, or it will be not effectively?
    2. How much money can make scalpers in CME? Do you know scalpers, who make more than 500K a year?
    3. Which futures do you use for scalping?
    Thanks and sorry for my English =)).
  2. IF doing well in Russia, stay there. It is extremely hard to repeat that in western liquid exchanges. There are lots of people trying and failing, and a few who succeed on a longterm basis
  3. do you scalp any of these names ?

    -RAO UES, Norilsk Nickel, LUKOil, MTS, Rostelecom, Surgutneftegaz, Rosneft and Gazprom -
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    I scalped RAO UES and Gazprom earlier, but now I use only futures on RTS Index.
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    Well, apart of good contitions for scalping, here are "lots of people trying and falling" too. I just think, that if I can scalp successfully in one market, I will be able to scalp just as successfully in the other.


    I expect index you trade to be a volatile one considering it being very much effected by economic and political instabilities over in Russia (in comparison to the West), so if your style of trading is geared towards a more volatile p/a then I would consider German DAX via Eurex, also Russell, but I do not trade it personally.
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    No, our index isn`t very volatile. I compared volatility of DAX, S&P and our index RTS and found no difference. About DAX.. This seems to be the best variant, but I would like to know more about this futures. Can somebody tell about scalping FDAX? I would be grateful for any information.


  9. Hello Dirk,

    give us some insight about RTS Index. Volatility, liquidity, broker you´re using, technical reliability...and very important :

    any rectrictions concerning foreign entities to trade and convert currencies....taxes, commission structures and other important items of general interest etc. ...

    Thanx in advance ! :)
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    Hi Dirk,

    I trade the DAX. Scalping is usually referred to going to few ticks, and with 700 trades per day, I guess this is exactly what you do on rts. Ask any questions about DAX and I can answer them to the best of my knowledge.

    I take plenty of trades during DAX first 2-3 hours. It is a great contract to trade, volatile and liquid enough. And at €25 per point (2 ticks in a point), you can make or loose of course nice $.

    My trade lasts from seconds to few minutes. Sometimes I would stay in for longer but only during big moves into my trade direction.


    PS I did not realize that RTS has futures. Pretty cool.
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