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    Anyone who knows where can i find articles,books,methodolgy strategy....about scalping ,please tell me.

  2. given the retail platforms available today, and the 3-5 pip spread effectively scalping forex is extremely difficult if not impossible to do profitably.


  3. Totally agree. Most platforms (if not all) are market markers. :D
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    Only market makers, IBs and other interested in pips/commisions per round turn sides are encouraging the scalping aproach...
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    Strange though, but it seems to me that a hold time of less than 1 hour is a scalp in the forex market.
  6. Scalping Forex is dangerous. What if you are on the wrong side when some news come out or some big bank intervene. Risk/Reward is not worth it. Scalping is ok for slow moving trading instruments.

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    Well said.
  8. Swimming is dangerous if you can't do it.
    You could use fx futures.
    When someone says something can't be done, it almost always can, just not by them. Rather arrogant really.

  9. run the numbers. a 5 "pip" vig, makes the technique known as scalping next to impossible in forex. yes, i agree the forex futures are the way to go should you wish to scalp.


  10. What is the difference huh??

    For EURUSD
    Mini Euro = $62,500 Euro
    Euro Future = $125,000 Euro

    If I were newbie, I will not be listening to you advice. You money will end up in his/her pocket.

    Yes it can be done as long as you doesn't get wipe out in the first place.

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