scalping forex 7,25 to 10000 (then to 1,000,000)

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  1. did some scalping tonight,it's easy,didn't know that,made 16 cents,i need to double every month to acomplish my goal,not sure can do it:(
  2. Easy? You are in for a rude awakening with that attitude.

  3. of cos,try other jobs,constructions for egz
  4. If scalping were indeed easier than construction, then the potential for earning would be A TON less. Scalping consistently day to day is incredibly tough, just try it for 3 months everyday and see how you do.

  5. i need advice,i got open trade now,long usd/jpy stop at breakeven,profit 0,25% ,should i take it or live running overnight?
    i had another one with 1% ,let it run and was stopt,so not sure anymore
  6. ok ,update here,no trading yerstarday,came home from work stressed and tired like dog,entered my first one long eur/usd and in 1 minit closed it for 1,1% profit so account now at 7,49,not bad 7 cents in a 1 minit,gonna bake some potatos and continue:p
  7. yea by the way about that jpy trade ,was stopt,shuold take that ,40% ,but as usual was greedy,let it run over night,lesson here :better to have sparrow in your hand than goose in the sky
  8. Two years ago, I took a $50 Oanda account to $3500 in about 4 months. Then I lost it all.
  9. ok one more,sold aud/jpy,1 minute ,0,76% profit
    account balance 7,55 :p
  10. what strategy did you use?
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